You might have heard about SOPA.

It’s a bill that looks good at first glance. It’s mission is to “stop piracy.”

But SOPA is also about censorship, limiting freedom, and losing liberty. That doesn’t sound good. There’s a reason WordPress, Google, and other internet giants are against SOPA and it’s sister bill, PIPA.

The bill would kill their sites, imprison their founders (and users), and stop the flow of information. Say goodbye to YouTube, Justin Bieber, and Wikipedia. If you’re a musician, covering another artist’s song will put you in jail. That seems a little harsh, doesn’t it.

Authors, piracy is not your enemy.

Here’s a video that explains SOPA.

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

Mashable released a great explanation of why SOPA is dangerous. Take a few minutes to read it. SOPA could kill your website and land you in jail.

Outraged? You should be. Find out who in Congress is supporting SOPA and call them to voice your opinion.

What do you think about SOPA? What resources have you found about it?

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