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Pinterest is one of the hottest new networks. It is also a powerful marketing tool. Yesterday, I showed you three way authors can use Pinterest guilt free. If you’re on the fence about joining the site, read that article first.

Today, I’m going to teach you how to set yourself up for success on the site. Pinterest has their own way of getting you set up on their site. This will explain the process for you and help you save time in the future.

1. Get an invite

Pinterest is an invitation-only network. If you haven’t gotten an invitation, use your other social media outlets. I scored mine after tweeting that I needed one. Two minutes later, I was on the site.

2. Register using Facebook

Pinterest Login

I like logging in using Facebook because it makes it easy for me to share content with my friends. If I find something so amazing that I want to share it with my Facebook friends, I can. Most of the time, I don’t.

At this point, you will be asked what you are interested in and given a list that includes design, art, and photography. Choose wisely because your feed will show these elements. If you are looking for someone to follow, try Author Media.

3. Create your profile

Pinterest Profile

Fill out your profile. Be sure to include your website and other social network links. I recommend setting your visibility settings to the above. You don’t want to update your friends every time you add a new pin.


4. Install the “Pin It” Button

Pin It Button

Find the about tab and click on the Pin It Button. Getting this button will allow you to curate content from all over the web (and your website). Follow the instructions on the page. Pinterest has done a great job of explaining how to install the button on your browser and on your website. If you don’t know how to install the button to your website, ask Author Media.

5. Avoid being that person on Facebook

Pinterest Facebook App Page

Your friends don’t want to be notified every time you upload a new pin. That’s why its important to get on top of this before you start.

Log on your Facebook page and access your account settings. Then click on “Apps”. It will be on the navigation bar on the left side of your screen. Find the Pinterest app and click “edit.” You should see a screen like the above.

You will want to remove the authorizations that are not required. Now go to the “App activity privacy” section. Set the publishing to “custom” so only certain people will see your pins or “only me.”

6. Create a board

Add a Pinterest Board

This is where the fun begins. Unless you are creating a community board for your fans, set the pin authorization to just yourself. Name your board and select a category for it. Categories help other pinners find your work within Pinterest.

I have boards for future stories, future adventures, and mini-stories. If I find a photo that captures my imagination, I use it as a prompt, craft a three sentence story, and pin it to the board. It helps my creative juices get flowing.

What if you created a board for each book you’ve written? Start with the book cover and then add the characters.

7. Get pinning!

Repin on Pinterest

Creating a pin is as simple as uploading a photo. Make sure that you add a description to your pin. Insert your hyperlinks. This will direct people back to your site. Let me know if you need more ideas.

The above is an example of a repin. If you find something you like on Pinterest, you can repin it to one of your boards. I’m adding this pin to my “Interesting|Words” board. In this case, I will edit the description to add my own flair.

8. Go to the home page

Pinterest Logo

Once something is pinned, it goes to the main Pinterest page. The red Pinterest logo is actually a button. Click on it and you’ll be brought to the main page. That’s where you’ll see the pins that your friends have posted. You’ll also be able to search the site for specific things. You can search by category (see the drop down menu) or use the search bar.

9. Get Smart

Pinning Books

This is a brilliant example of how you can use Pinterest to market your book. Tricia Goyer is an author who gets the potential of Pinterest. Her boards are full of her story worlds. The pin for The Swiss Courier is spreading through Pinterest. Tricia knows that once she pins something, it lands on the home page of her followers. Nicole repinned Tricia’s pin and that’s how the pin landed in my feed. And now I’m going to download Tricia’s book.

Did you notice the icons on the top of the pin? I have the option to repin, like, or comment. All of which will help spread the content to my friends.

Are you seeing the potential here?

10. Set a timer

Pinterest is a beautiful world. And like anything visual, it can be highly addicting. Set a timer. Allow yourself more time in the beginning but then once you understand how the site works, get disciplined.

How do you use Pinterest? Could you try to implement one of our 89 book marketing ideas with your boards?

Be sure to follow Author Media on Pinterest. Happy pinnings!





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