• 75 #1 Think Like a Business
  • 76 #2 Make Money on the Book
  • 77 #3 Make Maximum Money with Your Writing Skills
  • Use Your Writing Skills
    • As an Editor
      • Pays faster. The editor is the first and sometimes only person to make money on a book.
      • Creating a course to teach writing to other writers is how many authors make their money.
    • Write for periodicals:
      • Short story collections
      • Magazines
      • Journals
      • Websites/Internet
    • As a Ghost Writer
      • Ghost writers typically get money up front as well as sometimes getting a cut of the ongoing revenue. This is the fun of writing without having to deal with haters and marketing.
    • As a work for hire
      • Define work for hire. No royalties, but most books never get past their advance anyway. A team helping you plot. Stretches you in other writing areas/genres. Can be fun!  
    • As a Copywriter
      • One of the best selling forms of writing. Often paid by the word or my the hour. It is not uncommon for a copywriter to make $50-$60k a year and top copywriters make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.
      • Back cover copy
        • Kylie Dunn- Do. Share. Inspire.
      • Newsletters  
    • As a Blogger
      • Once you get to about 100,000 pageviews a month you can start making real money on advertising on your blog. Particularly if you have a focused niche that is attractive to advertisers.


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