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There are only a few more days until Christmas. Have you gotten the author in your life a present? If the answer is no, you’ve got to get moving. Santa isn’t going to be covering for you this year. He quit. It’s up to you. Luckily for you, we compiled a Christmas Gift Guide for authors. Think of it as your cheat sheet for gift-giving. We’re taking the guess work out and leaving you with the easy task of choosing one of the items.

Here’s the ten Christmas gift ideas that will please any author:


10. Apple Money

Apple Money For Author Christmas Present

Authors can use Apple gift cards to purchase writing apps, iPad accessories, or music from iTunes. You can load it up for any denomination between $25 and $5,000. That would make any author happy.


9. Moleskin Journal

Moleskin Gift For Authors

Story ideas have to be put down on paper before they make their way to the bookshelf. Chances are, your author friend has a few Moleskin journals of their own already, filled up with stories just waiting to be told. Give them a gift that they will be sure to use.


8. Scrivener

Scrivener Gift For Authors

Ahhh…the gift of technology. This little electronic writing studio has made it easier than ever to compile your thoughts, plots, and characters in the same place. With Scrivener, your author friends will be more organized , making hitting deadlines easier than ever.


7. A New Keyboard

A New Keyboard Gift For Authors

Are all the e’s on your author friend’s keyboard worn out? Do they have a tablet that they type on directly? It just might be time for a WiFi keyboard. This might be one of the practical gifts as it is something they will use every day. Logitech has a very affordable wireless mouse and keyboard combinationthat just might fit under the Christmas tree.


6. Tablet Cover

A New Tablet Cover Gift For Authors

Does your author friend have an e-reader, iPad, or Asus Transformer? Get them a cover for it. Not only will it help protect the tablet, it will set it apart in a world of boring tablets. There’s a whole world of tablet covers out there. The options range from fake books to the eco-friendly bamboo covers made from the friendly folks at Grove.


5. Spill Proof Mug

Authors need hot drinks to keep them writing late in the night. Coffee, tea, it doesn’t matter. They just belong together. Unfortunately, that combination, magical as it may be, is a recipe for disaster. Save everyone a headache and get a spill proof mug for the author in your life. The Brugo mug comes in a variety of colors.


4. Amazon Gift Card

Amazon Gift Card For Authors

Is your author a reader? Give them the gift of an Amazon gift card so they can load their e-reader up. Amazon has made it easier than ever to give gift cards. You can send it by email, Facebook, print, or the standard plastic card. You can also personalize the card with your own photo.


3. A Lomography Camera

Lomography gift for authors

Is there an author in your life who is always looking at art for inspiration? Help them express their imagination in a new way by getting them a lomography camera. These cameras aren’t the kind you’ll be taking to fashion photo shoots. These are the delightfully artsy ones that were popular in the ’60s and ’70s. Yes, you can get an app for that on your smartphone but where’s the sense of whimsy in that?


2. Nike Running Shoes

Nike Gift For Authors

When authors are in the middle of a manuscript, fitness is the last thing on their mind. If it’s on their mind at all. They’ve got deadlines, characters, and plots twists running in their head, not gym time.  Give them the gift of health with a pair of Nike running shoes. Better yet, sign both of you up for a 5K and train together.


1. A New Website

New Website For Authors

Does your author friend have a great stories and terrible web presence? Give them the gift of a new website. Author Media can help you. Ask us about gift certificates for author websites.

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