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In this episode, we are going to talk about how to choose your genre

When You Don’t Want to Choose

  • John Grisham
  • Stephen King
  • Pen names

Hedgehog Principle

  1. Passions
  2. Skills
  3. Need$

Passion Tests

  • Movie Test – What kinds of movies do you like to watch?
  • Throwing Book Across the Room Test – (When you keep re-writing movies and books with a better storyline)
  • The bookstore test – What aisles of the bookstore do you keep finding yourself walking down and yet not buying a book in?
  • Can’t stop thinking about it test
  • If I could only read one genre for the rest of my life

Skills Tests (James will never play in the NBA)

  • Some Genres Require Non-Genre Skills
    • Christian Books (Christianity)
    • Science Fiction (Science)
    • Romance (High Relational Empathy and understanding of psychology)
    • Historical Fiction (History)
    • Action (Need to fire a gun)
    • Research
  • What has sold the best in the past?
  • Night Stand Test – What kind of books are on your nightstand right now. (You write best what you read most.)
  • What kind of writing have you written in the past?
  • What would you be willing to go to workshops to learn more about writing?
  • What authors do you see as mentors?

Need$ Tests

  • Underserved category on Amazon
  • Overserved Market
  • Similar to a popular book
  • Similar to popular movies & TV shows
    • Learning to write quickly.
  • Popular Computer Games

Which one is play?

  • How can readers enjoy reading what you were miserable creating?


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