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If you want to level-up your Twitter skills, here are seven of the best articles on the web to help you out:

After reading these guides, you will become a true Twitter Ninja, Young Grasshopper.

1) Five Steps to Go Viral on Twitter

This article will help you understand what spreads on Twitter and what does not. It is written by Dan Zarella who is the foremost expert on the science of retweeting.

2) Answers to the Top Ten Twitter Objections

Do you or a friend have objections to using Twitter? Michael Hyatt, the CEO of Thomas Nelson publishers answers those objections to Twitter in this post.

Here are the Twitter objections he answers:

  1. Twitter sounds silly.”
  2. “I don’t understand how to do it.”
  3. “It think it would take too much time.”
  4. “It is too narcissistic or self-centered.”
  5. “I prefer Facebook or some other social media service.”
  6. “It is a poor substitute for real relationships.”
  7. “I don’t have anything interesting to say.”
  8. “I am concerned about my privacy.”
  9. “I don’t see how it could help my business.”
  10. “I don’t know how to get started.”

Read Hyatt’s post to get his answers to these objections.

3) The Top Seven Twitter Tutorials on YouTube

If you need help using Twitter these videos are incredibly helpful. You can follow along with the video, pressing pause when needed.

4) How Twitter Makes You A Better Writer

Believe it or not Twitter can make you a better writer. This post will tell you how.

5) The Five Stages of Twitter Acceptance

This is a short, funny, and very true post. The first stage is Denial: “This twitter thing is stupid.” Where are you on the 5 stages of Twitter acceptance?

6) No One Cares What You Are Doing Right Now

This article, by Thomas Umstattd, will help you know what to say on Twitter to earn more followers and be more interesting. People may not care that you are at the airport but they do care about you. And, more importantly, they care about what is interesting to you.

7) Ten Ways to Keep Your Precious Followers on Twitter

How much do you value your Twitter followers? If the answer is “a lot”, then consider following theses these general Twitter guidelines if you’d like your followers to continue following you for years.

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