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Most blog titles are about as magnetic as a skunk. Learn how to write titles for your blog posts that will pull in more readers.

#1 Focus on Benefits

Your readers don’t care about you. They are asking “whats in it for me.” Answer that question in the title and they will read on.


#2 Tease

Curiosity is a powerful motivation.  Perk your reader’s interest. If you can make your reader curious they will read on. Contradict a known fact. Challenge an accepted authority. Make your reader question himself.


#3 Use a Magic Word

This is the easiest tip. People go to the Internet for answers. If you provide answers, the Internet will provide people. Think of the title in terms of answering a question. All you need to do is incorporate: “Who”, “what”, “when”, “where” or “why” into the title.


#4 Ask A Question

This goes along with tip #3. Sometimes asking the right questions can draw people into a discussion of which your post is just the beginning. The key is to ask an open-ended question. Give an answer and be respectful if your commentators disagree with you.


#5 Use a List

When someone clicks a link to your site in Google or on Twitter they are taking a risk. You may waste their time. Time they will never get back. If they know there are “7 tips for this” or “10 secrets for that,” you reduce the risk. Even if 6 of the tips are something they already know, the 7th tip might be gold. Don’t overdo the lists.


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