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How to Get Your Avatar to Show Up Everywhere

Have you ever noticed how some people’s photos appear next to their comments and others do not?

In this post you will learn how to get your avatar to show up automatically when you leave a blog comment or forum post.

What is an Avatar?

Avatars are the small photos that represent you online. Most authors use their author photo as their avatar.

Why Bother?

Having an avatar next to your name helps you look more professional and can boost traffic to your website.

How to Setup Your Universal Avatar

These steps take about 5 minutes and will save you tons of time in the long tun.

  • Step #1 Go to
  • Step #2 Click sign up now!
  • Step #3 Type in your email address and click sign up. Gravatar uses your email address to link your avatar with your comment.
  • Step #4 Check your email and click the activation link.
  • Step #5 Pick a nickname and password. Only lowercase letters and numbers allowed for the username.
  • Step #6 Add an image by clicking “Add one by clicking here.” Gravitar can grab images from your computer, your webcam, and the internet.
  • Step #7 Click “My Computer’s hard drive” to select a photo from your computer.
  • Step #8 Choose file and find the photo you want to use on your computer.
  • Step #9 Crop the photo. This is fun and fairly self explanatory. Then click “G” for your rating.
  • You’re done! Now  your comments on blogs and forums around the world will have your avatar.

Did it work?

Feel free to test your avatar by leaving a comment below.


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About Thomas Umstattd

Thomas Umstattd Jr. is the CEO of Castle Media Group the parent company of Author Media. You can follow him on Twitter @ThomasUmstattd. and on Google+ He loves helping people use technology to change the world.

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  1. ConnieBrz #

    Thanks for posting this~ I gave this a try months ago without success and have suffered the heartbreak of Gravatar Envy ever since :)

    • Was easy to add my avatar via the Gravatar site. Thnx 4 the help!

      • JackSims #

        This does not work for Youtube.

        • Warren #

          Test of universal gravatar

    • redknightsheldon #


    • OK, lets see if this works

    • Mark #

      I haven’t been able to get my avatar to work

    • fenderbendr1994 #


    • Incarceron #

      Gravatar has been really useful so far.

    • Test

    • lastdrifter #

      Me also!

    • rgg #


    • Tinabear #

      testing again

    • Asharella Reihnhart #

      Unable to work for gaming that supports it. Doesnt update.

  2. Sorry — Trying again to say thanks! Apparently my Gravatar is smarter than I am.

  3. I have never heard of Gravatar and I already love it!

  4. mxp219 #

    Nice post. Thanks for the info.

  5. Thanks. This was interesting and helpful. You’ve got a lot of good info here. I look forward to returning.

  6. Bob Weathers #

    Easy! Thanks…

  7. Hey Thomas –

    You taught me how to do Skype and Gravatar all in one day. Now on to Tweetie!

  8. Did it work? What is this that a comment can be too short?

  9. Testing
    Avatar. 1-2 1-2 screeeech!

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  13. Bonnie #

    Hopefully it works this time around.

  14. Steve #

    thank you thank you, this is very helpful.

  15. Travis Thomas #

    thanks for the great tips

  16. Tommy #

    Thanks for letting me try. Does it work???

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  18. This is a great timesaver..thanks!

  19. That was helpful. Thanks.
    My recent post I AM with You

  20. Totally not sure how this works. Crossing my fingers here!

  21. Thanks, Thomas! Was just wondering about this and hadn’t yet had a chance to start poking around to see how to get the avatar on blog comments. So glad to see your post on this very topic today!

  22. Excellent, simple and clear instruction – thanks!
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  23. Alexa #


  24. Alright lets see if this works.
    My recent post What Made Ronald Reagan The Great Communicator

  25. tgreco1 #

    testing avatar

    • Thank you – just the information I needed!

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  32. Reitsport #

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  33. memphissheik #

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  34. angeldown85 #


  35. Thanks for such helpful information.

  36. Lasse Olson #

    Just want to see if it works

  37. ton2lada #

    This is very nice. I wonder if this works as well…

  38. licnovale #


  39. Thanks – i’m seeing it won’t work on other’s blogs – when i look at my gravitar account i see i’ve rated it G
    but, when i go to the gravitar page where it shows how your image looks on variously rated pages including R and X – “see how your avatar looks on variously rated pages’ it shows my actual avatar (face) as the same on all of them. I don’t go on R or X rated sites nor leave comments on them but since I rated it as G why is it showing at all on any of the examples other than G. Hope that makes sense!
    eg it’s not showing up on another photographers blog where i made a comment (think it’s the first time i’ve made a comment on someone’s blog – no actually i did make one other through my Google+ account and it did show up when I commented on another G+).

    • Thomas Umstattd #


      I think the issue is whether that blog has Gravitar enabled. Most WordPress blogs have gravatar but not all other blog platforms fully support the service. The best way to test it is to go to and leave some comments and see if you can see your photo.

  40. test.

  41. Gus Gordon #


  42. Gus Gordon #

    Still can’t get mine to work on Facebook. Works on my page but not when I comment on other people’s pages? Any idea what I need to do?

  43. Oh, forgot to put my website page! See above.

  44. rb33 #


  45. Just read how to have a universal avatar. Hope it works!

  46. Taking my avatar out for a test drive.

  47. Jim #

    Comment / Avatar test. Hello and thanks for the how-to!

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  79. SonBeamjrcg #

    This is not working for me yet. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I don’t want my email available for the public to see, only my nickname. How do I associate my avatar, nickname and allow my email to remain private. Can that be done?

    • SonBeamjrcg #

      It worked!!! Yea!

  80. So far I’m lovin it. :D

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  83. I tried and I had one from another site showing. I don’t know.

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  85. BC #


    • Thomas Umstattd #

      Gravatar uses your email address to match your Gravatar so the key is to make sure Gravatar has all your email addresses setup.

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  112. hi there -this works great for me everywhere except when i try to comment on blogger based blogs. i have a gravatar, and my blog is on wordpress… so when i select “wordpress ID” from the list of “identity” choices on a blogger blog, i get this weird generic wordpress icon which i hate. any thoughts?

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    • Looks like it did! Thanks very much for this post!

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  116. I realize this post was generated several years ago – unfortunately when I went to the site came up as the domain being available for purchase. What is the alternative to create an avatar?

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    does it take time to see my avatar on youtube comments?cause i dont see it there when i comment..thank you

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  137. Mine just keeps default to the standard image :( I did add my own, but somehow it just doesn’t stick.

  138. Loved the article and the other articles seem intriguing. I am also testing my Gravitar.

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  176. Thanks for the article – very useful! I guess Gravatar does not link to Gmail addresses?

    • Hi Cofa, I use a gmail address with my Gravatar and it works for me.

      • Thanks Rosemary for your reply. I submitted my favicon separately within the Gmail “settings” area – so I have my favicon stored with my Gmail addresses. I used to have some other email addresses (i.e., forwarded to my Gmail accounts. When viewing messages initiated from those not-gmail addresses, my favicon stored at Gmail will not show. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! (131224)

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  179. Thanks for the help! Hope it works, even if I don’t use wordpress for my blog.

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  182. Macladybug #

    Hummm it still doesn’t work on all websites… why would that be?

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  185. Thanks for the above…Its been working fine on my own site (when responding to other people’s comments) but I’m having a tough time having it show up when I make comments on other sites. Any ideas what I may be doing wrong?

  186. I had my gravatar set up for previous sites. But when I just launched my new website and used my new email address, I couldn’t figure out how to get my Gravatar to show up with the new email address. I was looking in the wrong place. All you have to do is add any email address you use to make comments with to the actual gravatar account. Phew! Now you can see my smiling face! – Joe

  187. Rea #

    Lemme see if this works. And it does!! :D

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  217. I have done the website first and today I signed up with Gravatar. I have done the steps but I still can not see the Gravatar beside our website on the web. When I log in to WP the little icon is there beside my name not sure what did I do wrong? Can you help me?

  218. Test – my gravatar still doesn’t show up on google search or on comments. This is a test – you don’t have to respond – but I’m going to try again.

  219. testing……
    Please Follow Me @KayGh33 Twitter
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    Does this mean when I put my site link on other pages, facebook etc it will show up as well?


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    * You’re

  234. Thanks for the steps. The only thing is when commenting on some sites it keeps trying to login with the email that is associated with the image, which doesn’t have a wp account. Is there a way around that?

  235. Thanks for the post. What would one search for if looking for websites in a niche that you can leave comments on using gravatar? I keep ending up on websites that don’t recognize Gravatar. Thoughts?

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    Danger Will Robinson!

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    even though i have authorized it within facebook, it still doesn’t recognize it within gravatar.

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  257. Gravatar won’t appear with comments if a blog has not authorized it. has set up. Go to Settings>Discussion.

  258. thanks, I hope this works

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    I set up my Gravatar okay, but it did not appear on someone else’s website. It does appear on my own. Just testing it here to see if it shows up. Thank you.

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