In this episode we are going to talk about how to get 10,000 readers and then keep them happy.

To assist us with that, we have a very special guest, a great friend of Thomas’ and mine, Susan May Warren … or Susie to her friends.

Susie is a USA Today bestselling, multi-award winning novelist of more than 65 books, she’s an outstanding teacher, speaker, wife, mother, scuba diver, dancer, skydiver, and a simply outstanding person.

Show Notes

  • This is a show about marketing, but one of the things I loved hearing about, especially when I was getting started, was how other authors got started. Can you tell how you got into publishing in the first place?
  • You have two audiences. Your readers, and your students. How do you keep those separate from a marketing standpoint?
  • 30k followers … how did you go about getting your first 10,000 followers?
  •     They’re not your customers, they’re your friends. They want to know your life, what you’re working on. They want to hear about the products, but we want to know about the person behind the stories. So Susie shares aspects of her life … readers feel like they know her. She’s a friend exchanging emails …
  • People meet authors through a bookstore … back of the book, a pop up on a website, would you like a free book? A slider … picture, short message … make that tempting.
  • Everything goes to one source. Whenever interacting … if there’s numerous places, no central hub … there’s a problem. What post? About life. Football. Watching football. Travel … put things on FB that are real. That is life. Both FB personal and author page. ·      How are you continuing to build your list?
  • One of the things you do extremely well is stay in touch with those followers. How do you do it?
  • People that encounter you, rave about you … what’s your secret?
  • How do people find out more about you?
  • For novels:
  • For books and teaching: and

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