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As an author your time is precious. Internet Explorer is slow and dangerous. Fortunately, it’s not the only free option.

Here are five reasons why Firefox is better than that little blue “e” you’ve been clicking on all these years.

Reason 1 – Firefox is Faster

Most people who switch to Firefox notice a significant speed boost right away. Once you get used to pages popping right up you may get frustrated when forced to use Internet Explorer even for short amounts of time.

Reason 2 – Firefox Checks Your Spelling

Firefox checks your spelling while you type. This is helpful when writing on your blog, posting to a forum and writing comments. Trust me, you will look better on Facebook with Firefox watching your spelling.


Reason 3 – Firefox Plugins Give You Cool Ninja Skills

Firefox has some great plugins that add some nifty features IE can’t even dream of. Here is a full list of firefox plugins. You authors might want to check out Zotero, Dictionary, PDF Download, and TwitterFox.

Reason 4 – Firefox is Safer

Security experts use words like “Swiss Cheese” and “Leaky Siv” to describe IE’s security. If you have ever had your identity stolen, or your computer infected with a virus, you know how important security is for your browser.

Reason 5 – Firefox is Easier

Firefox makes it super easy to subscribe to RSS feeds. RSS is changing the world. RSS is so hard in IE that most IE users don’t even know what it is. If you don’t know what RSS is, read How This Little Orange Icon Can Save You Time.

How to Get Firefox for Free

You can download Firefox for free from It works on both Macs and PCs. Installation is a breeze and soon you will be wondering why you didn’t switch sooner.

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