You’ve seen #PubTip on Twitter. Now find out what it is and how to use it.

#PubTip is a Hashtag

What are hashtags you ask? Hashtags are Twitter slang for keywords. Anytime someone includes the # symbol it means the following word is a key word. The magic of hashtags is that you can search by the hashtag and “follow it” kind of like you follow a person.

History of PubTip

Rachelle Gardner, a literary agent, started #PubTip on June 31st, 2009. She wanted a place for agents and editors to share tips with prospective writers. She uses it a lot, particularly, when going through submissions. She turns her annoyances into tips. If you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall when agents and editors were giving advice to clients, this is your chance.

The First #PubTip  Tweet

rachellegardner: Agents & editors: I’d like to start a permanent hashtag, #pubtip, that we can use for publishing tips. What say u?

How #PubTip is Different than #Writing

The #writing hashtag is mostly advice and talk about the craft of writing–how to write well.

The #PubTip is mostly about the business of writing–how to sell your work. As you can imagine there is some overlap but not a lot.

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