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Today, we’re critiquing a reader website.

This isn’t the first one we’ve critiqued. Kathy Pooler was the first brave soul to volunteer for a website critique. We’re back to see what is right and what is wrong on Tiffany Cole’s website.

Tiffany is a writer, editor, and entrepreneur. She’s not afraid to tackle a technology topic either.

Pro 1 – Great Branding

Great Branding

Ideas. Words. Results.

Those are the makings of a great brand. You want your editor to have a description like that. It’s short, sweet, and to the point. Tiffany has also included a professional photo of herself. She’s already ahead of the game.

Con 1 – Bad Page Descriptions

Tiffany may be one of the best editors but her page descriptions don’t reflect that. She doesn’t need to go in to the back end of her site and edit the grammar; she needs to add a few key phrases to enhance her site for SEO. A good page description will do wonders for your SEO.

Pro 2 – Functional Website Layout

Tiffany T. Cole Website Layout

Tiffany has chosen a theme that is no-nonsense, professional, and mimics the feel of a newspaper beautifully. The accent color is a bright teal, which draws your eye, highlighting news and recommendations. The layout also has built-in social media buttons, making it easy for you to connect with Tiffany outside of her site. Go, Tiffany!

Con 2 – Not Enough Pages

Tiffany’s site only has 11 pages indexed by Google. That’s a very low number. Every page indexed increases the chance of being found by search engines. When you run a business, you want to be found. It’s the only way you’ll survive.

Pro 3 – Pricing Up Front

Tiffany T. Cole Editing Prices

It doesn’t take you very long to find out just what exactly Tiffany does and how much it will cost you to have her edit your work. The only thing missing is a call to action button. How do you go from reader to client?

It’s great to have prices readily accessible but it’s even better to instantly convert people once they see your prices.

Con 3 – No Integrated Blog

Tiffany has a robust blog. The problem is that it’s a personal one and isn’t helping her convert readers to clients. By integrating her blog onto her professional website, she would be able to start getting authority for her keywords, which would translate into more hits…and clients.

Bottom Line:

Tiffany is a great writer. She has all the elements she needs to have a successful website but they need to be put together a little better. Creating a blog for her site is the most important thing that Tiffany can do at this point. She doesn’t need to work harder, she just needs to work smarterWe’d love to help.

Do you want your website critqued? Let us know.


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