In the web industry, software, programs, and tools abound for everything. Check out a list of our personal and professional favorites below.


How To Articles

We’ve written a variety of articles on everything WordPress, website, and social media.  If you have questions related to these, chances are you’ll find your answer among our many How-To’s on our blog.



Skype is our communication tool of choice with each other and our clients.  How can you beat a phone call with live chat and screensharing?  Plus, it’s free computer-to-computer!


Tired of losing logins and passwords? 1Password is an app that will keep track of all of them for you. All you have to do is remember one master password.



Inbound Marketing

If we could recommend only one book to you, it would be this one. Inbound Marketing will transform the way you market yourself.


This book is revolutionizing the way books are marketed. Tribes gives the big picture, Inbound Marketing gives the practical how-tos. They are like peanut butter and chocolate – they go together well. 🙂

Facebook Marketing for Dummies

Facebook is good for more than just keeping in touch with family and friends. This is a great book for getting you started with Facebook marketing. It comes with $50 of free Facebook ad money.

WordPress for Dummies

This is a great reference for using WordPress. If you are new to WordPress, we strongly recommend this book.



Author Tech Tips

This blog is the result of years of interaction with authors. We’ve compiled tips, tools, and technology into small, bite-size pieces to help you utilize technology in the world of writing and publishing.

Seth Godin

Seth Godin is one of the most popular bloggers in the world, and is transforming the way companies approach marketing. Here at Author Media, we sail by Godin. 🙂


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