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In Portland, if something isn’t quite right the magic solution is to put a bird on it.

Beyonce blasts that if you liked it, you should have put a ring on it.

We say, if you want someone to like it, put a pin on it. That’s why we’re hosting a webinar on how to use pinterest to your advantage as an author.

Pinterest is one of those sites that everyone uses but not many people use well. But what if we told you that we would tell you how one author used Pinterest to drive 59,000 people to her site in two months?

Mary DeMuth will be sharing her secret to Pinterest.

Pinning webinar

She’s developed a simple system to maximize Pinterest’s reach in just a few minutes a couple times a week. If she can do it, so can you.

Sign up for this valuable, time-saving webinar, and learn:

  • What is Pinterest and why it’s valuable to authors

  • The secret of Mary’s system of pinning

  • How to add a Pin it button to your site

And much, much more.

All attendees will receive an exclusive PDF that will walk you through Mary’s system and a recording of the webinar. This paid webinar is $15 but the secrets and marketing strategies you will be learning are worth much more.

When: April 15. 7:00 PM CENTRAL

Where: Online

Cost: $15

Register now


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