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Did you know that sharing a website on Facebook is as easy as one click? All you need to know is where to click. This post will teach you just that.

The key to the one-click share is to find the “little blue Facebook F” icon. Sometimes you need to know where to look for it.

This is what to look for:


Sometimes the icon is just text.

Ever wanted to share a YouTube video with your Facebook friends. Here is how.


YouTube decided to use the word “Facebook” (shown above) instead of the icon. Works just the same.

Click it and then Facebook will post the video to your wall and then update your status feed with a link to the video. Better yet, you get your own private discussion area where you and your friends can discuss the video.

Sometimes the icon is green.

Sometimes you need to find a little green ShareThis icon instead of the little blue F. Clicking this icon will pop up a small window with several share options, one of which is Facebook (shown above).

Sometimes the icons are faded.


Sometimes the little blue F will be faded out (shown above). It still works; it’s just not as flashy this way.

Sometimes the icon is orange.


Sites like the New York Times use an orange “Share” button that will pop out several choices includeing the little blue F. Leave it to the New York Times to make you click twice.

Can’t Find the little blue F?

You can also add a Facebook bookmarklet to your browser that can let you share pages without the little blue F.

Now Go Practice!

That’s it! Now go practice. You are welcome to practice by trying to find the correct blue F on this page 🙂

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