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If you’ve tried to copy/paste from Microsoft Word into WordPress, you may have noticed a lot of strange code that appears.  This is Microsoft Word specific code that WordPress can’t read.

Now, this might normally be a problem, but the gurus at WordPress have provided you with a handy little “Paste from Word” button which does all the work of stripping out that Word-specific code for you!  It even leaves your hyperlinks and most formatting intact.

Paste from Word Button

As you can see, it’s the little button with a clipboard and the word icon.  Clicking on this button brings up a special Paste From Word pane:

Paste from Word Screen

To paste from Word, copy the text from your Word document and then paste it into this pane, using the Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-V. WordPress automatically strips out all that Word code (be aware that sometimes it adds extra line breaks between paragraphs as well).  Press “Insert” to add the text to your post or page, and you’re done!

Note: If you create headings in Word, they will not be recognized as headings in WordPress, which isn’t good news for SEO. If you anticipate having a lot of headings in your post, it may be best to type the post with the headings in normal text, and change them to headings once you’ve pasted into WordPress.

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