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We’ve all seen this orange icon. But did you know that in 5 years it will be more important than email? It reworks the internet saving people massive amounts of time.

You are an author and your time is at a premium. We guarantee reading this post will be a good time investment or your money back ūüôā

Surfing the web is so 1999.

Back in the olden days people would “surf” over to one website and then “surf” over to another website. It was fun but it had a problem. Surfing wastes time switching between sites. Even at high-speed, surfing was lame.

What if the new stuff on sites (blog posts, news events, new pages) could surf to you?

Well that is what the little orange icon does. It represents a technology called “RSS” which brings the new stuff to you. Now, instead of checking dozens of sites for updates you only need to check one.

Here are some sort videos that make using this new technology super easy.

So, what is that little orange icon anyway?

Watch this YouTube video to find out. We would have embedded it but embedding has been disabled.

Setting up an RSS feed is not hard and so worth it. If my mom can do it, you can do it. My mom can do it.

How to setup an RSS Reader.

This video gives a step by step guide to setting up an RSS reader. Best of all, it comes with a pause button.

What do you think?

Do you use a blog reader? Why or why not?

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