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Author Tech Tips is now the Author Media Blog.

In 2009, Thomas Umstattd Jr. started Author Tech Tips as a way to share writing strategies with authors who were timid about technology. He knew that most authors weren’t technology experts. They were professionals writers but that didn’t mean they were experts in marketing, the internet, or how to sell the books they were writing. They needed help but didn’t know who to ask.

As he talked with different authors, Thomas discovered that they needed help discovering where to find free & legal stock photos onlinehow to get Twitter on their phones, and even how to avoid lame author portraits. Thomas knew the answers. He just needed a way to share them with authors. That’s when Author Tech Tips was born.

It’s time for another change.

Author Tech Tips is now the Author Media Blog.

The name change comes as the blog deepens and Author Media continues to grow. Authors will still be able to find free how-to guides on technology, book marketing, and social media. We’re also adding more technology reviews that are tailored to authors and their specific needs. You won’t be buried in technical details. You’ll discover which gadgets make the grade for authors based on criteria such as user experience, writability, and sticker shock.

In 2012, the Author Media Blog will focus on:

  • Platform building tips,
  • Technology reviews for authors,
  • Marketing success stories,
  • Book reviews of materials essential to book marketing success,
  • Social Media secrets, and
  • Reader suggested reviews.

The other big change is that we will update the blog more often. Instead of posting once in a while we will be posting multiple times a week.

Authors, do you have specific questions you would like answered on our blog? Are there specific products you want reviewed? Leave us a question or post suggestion in the comments.

Author Media has built author websites for years. Is 2012 the year we build yours? Contact us for a free website consultation.

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