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Selling books is hard. Getting your books into the hands of your adoring fans is a difficult process that would test anyone’s patience.

At least, it used to be.

We are excited to announce MyBookTable, our first WordPress Plugin built for the general public. In the past, to get access to Author Media technology and expertise you had to buy an author website from us. Not any more.

Now you can download the MyBookTable plugin for free.

What is MyBookTable?

Here is a 1 minute video explaining MyBookTable.

Problem: Selling Your Books on Your Website is Hard

When it comes to selling books on WordPress website, authors currently only have three options, all of which are bad.

Bad Option #1: Create a “Books” Page by Hand.

Want to give yourself a headache? Try to list all of your books on one page. This is almost impossible to make look good, and even harder to make effective. Authors who use this approach almost never rank #1 on Google for their own book titles. Don’t believe me? Google your book and see where you rank.

Bad Option #2: Install a Sophisticated Shopping Cart.

This is a great way to spend money you don’t have. Not only is it expensive up front, but there are all kind of ongoing costs (encryption, merchant account fees, distribution, warehousing, taxes, and book keeping, just to name a few). Unless you want to run a distribution center from your garage, you should avoid this option at all costs.

Bad Option #3 Avoid Listing Your Older Books.

Some authors don’t  list their older books online because the technical wizardry is simply beyond the grasp of mortals, or anyone sane. Don’t let your older books get overshadowed by their younger, edgier siblings.

There is an old Russian proverb that says, “There are three things pleasing to watch: The flowing of a river, the burning of a fire, and someone else working.” MyBookTable has pretty much nothing to do with rivers or fires, but it does do the work of selling your books online for you.

Solution: The MyBookTable WordPress Bookstore Plugin

MyBookTable is Easy

Forget everything you think you know about selling your book online. We’re changing it. You won’t need SSL certificates, shopping carts, or piles of books in your basement. All you’ll need is a WordPress website. Oh, and a book.

Benefit #1 – Simple to Use

We’ve built MyBookTable from the ground up to be easy to use, even for technophobes. We will also build in tutorial videos to walk you through every step. The Professional & Developer add-ons come with email support just in case you get stuck.

Benefit #2 – Search Optimized

Most authors don’t rank for their own book titles on Google. Scary, right? That means someone else (coughAmazoncough) is cashing in on your hard work. MyBookTable will help you retake control.

Ranking #1 on search engines for your book title is extra valuable when you have affiliate accounts set up (see benefit #3).

Benefit #3 – Affiliate Integration (With Optional Add-On) 

Amazon and Barnes & Noble both offer affiliate programs that can help you supplement your income as an author. This means that if you have affiliate payments set up, Amazon will pay you in addition to the royalty you get from your publisher. Many authors get more money from Amazon than they get in royalties. MyBookTable makes it easy to add affiliate links to your book pages.


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Examples of Authors Already Using MyBookTable

Example MyBookTable Site

Our Kickstarter Backers got early access to the plugin and several of them already have the plugin running on their websites.

Example MyBookTable Sites:

Are you using MyBookTable? Post a link to your site in the comments so folks can see how you use it. Also, would you be willing to leave us a review on the WordPress Plugin Repository?

Paid Add-Ons

While the main MyBookTable plugin is free, we have create a couple of add ons that add some cool features many authors are willing to pay for. This is how we are funding the development of the plugin. The free version of the plugin uses the Author Media affiliate code. The biggest benefit of the add-ons is the ability to use your own affiliate account.

MyBookTable Profesional Add-On

The Pro Add-on Features:

  • Universal Buy Button
  • Amazon Affiliate Integration
  • Barns & Noble Affiliate Integration
  • Premium Support
  • An API for use on one site.

    Buy Professional Add-On

MyBookTable Developer Add-On

The Developer Add-on Features:

  • All Profesional Features
  • PayPal Support
  • E-Junkie Support
  • 1Shopping Card Support
  • An API for use on unlimited sites.Buy Developer Add-On
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