Sometimes the free photo sites just don’t have what you need. Or you may want an image that has not been used a thousand other times.

That’s where premium photo sites come in. Starting at $1 an image, they have better selection and quality than a site like

Premium Sites

These sites have photos starting at $1 a photo. The prices generally go up if you want a higher resolution. But for the web, small is what you want anyway.

Super Premium

The images on these sites start around $50+ a photo. The primary benefit of super premium images is that they are less common. You may even be able to buy exclusive rights to the photo, so that the image is taken down after you buy it. These are the sites your publisher probably uses for book cover images.

  • – Been around for a long time. Be careful not to pay $50 for a decade old photo.
  • – Premium photos but not all are royalty free. Mare sure to check the rights on the photo you want.
  • -This site is the bottom feeder of the super premium site. But if it has the photo you’re looking for then it’s a winner.

Did we miss a site? What image site do you use? Leave a comment below.

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