There is an art to getting listed high in Google. Here are 8 things that can help improve your “Google points.”

Remember: There is no magic bullet for getting high search engine rankings. It takes a while to accumulate “Google points.” Be patient.

If you have your blog hosted on a site like TypePad or Blogger you are limited to the first 5 tips. You need to host your own site to be able to use tips 6-8.

8 Easy SEO Tips:

  1. Provide remarkable content.  The more remarkable you are, the more links from other sites you will get. There is no substitute for having awesome content. Remember, for someone to visit your site it must be the most interesting thing on the internet for that person at that time. Otherwise, they will go somewhere else. No amount of SEO will fix boring.
  2. Tag each post. 4-5 tags is ideal. Tags are like keywords that link your posts to each other. Click on one of the tags for this post and it will show you all the other posts with that tag. 
  3. Put each post in a category. Try not to use more than two categories. The principle here is many tags, few categories.
  4. Keep your comment section free from spam. Google doesn’t like spam. If your site feels spammy you get negative “Google points.”
  5. Use headings <h1> instead of making text bold. Whatever you put inside a heading tag gets bonus “Google points.”
  6. Use Friendly URLs. Don’t have instead use
  7. Incorporate an XML site map. If you have WordPress the Google XML Sitemaps plugin will do this for you automatically.
  8. Make sure each page title corresponds with the title of that post. If you use WordPress, the All In One SEO Plugin will do this for you automatically.


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