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Promoting books has changed a lot over the last few years and 2013 will be no exception. Here is what I predict will happen in book marketing in 2013.

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1. More Cheap Author Website Options

There will be an increase in medium priced authors website options in the $500 – $1500 range. These will be WordPress themes and website platforms specifically designed for Authors.

2. Explosion of Supplementary Materials

Publishers will start demanding that authors write short stories and other bonus materials to be used in marketing. Authors will also be expected to save all their research and supplementary materials.

3. Membership Site Proliferation

There will be a proliferation in book marketing membership sites like the Bestseller Society. If you are reading a publishing guru’s blog today, you will get an invite to join their membership site sometime in 2013.

4. New WordPress Bookstore Plugin Will Revolutionize How Author’s Sell Books Online

Here at Author Media we are working on an exciting new plugin that will make listing your books for sale on your website much easier. I predict that this plugin will be our fastest selling product in 2013.

5. GoodReads Growth and Improvement will continue to experience massive growth after rolling out an easier to use interface.

6. Twitter to Fall in Popularity Amongst Authors

Twitter will decline in popularity amongst authors as they realize they are mostly talking to each other and not to readers.

7. Google+ Boom

Google+ Live Hangouts will become a required part of every effective book launch strategy. Look for an explosion in Google+ online launch parties.

8. Massive Wave of Authors Converting from Facebook Personal Pages to Business “Fan” Pages

Authors will realize how counter productive personal “friend” pages are to book marketing. We will see a flood of converted pages in 2013.

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