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Imagine you are doing a radio interview and you hear the closing music start to play. The host asks you to give your website one more time. What do you say?

#1 Repeat Your Domain

On average, radio listeners listen for about 5 minutes at a time. So If you are in a 30 minute interview and you mention your website twice more than half of the listeners will never hear how to get more information. Don’t wait for the host to remind you to push your site.

#2 Include a Goodie

You want to give the listeners a reason to visit your website. I’m not just talking about a sample chapter here. Give them something they can only get on your website. This tip alone can more than double your hits after an interview.

Whatever you give away make sure to get it professionally edited. Then you can setup an auto responder so that anyone who signs up for your newsletter gets it for free.  Or just add it as a pdf download.

Fiction Goodie Ideas

If you write fiction take some of that back story you cut and put it together into an interesting 10 page short story.

Or put together some short stories from your box of short stories.

Non Fiction Goodie Ideas

Non fiction has a ton of potential for creative goodies.

  • Writing a book on marriage? Put together a 10 Dating Ideas for Married Couples guide.
  • Writing a book on parenting? Write up the 7 Funniest Things Children Say.
  • Writing a book on music? Include a free mp3 download.
  • Writing a book on personalities? Include a free personalty test.

Be creative. This is also a chance to supplement your book with videos, music, tests and other media that paper cannot convey.

#3 Buy

You don’t need to build a new web site for this step. You can buy from NameCheap for $9.69 and have NameCheap forward visitors to your real website automatically. The benefit of pushing is that it makes people twice as likely to remember your book and your website. When you push one, you push the other.

#4 Don’t Say “Http://”

Saying “http://” is code for “zone out now.” Don’t do it. They don’t need to type it. You don’t need to say it.

#5 Don’t Say “www” Either

People know to type the www. And, even if they forget they will go to your website anyway. Don’t believe me? Type “” into your browser and see where you land.

#6 What to Say

What not to say: “For more help about (book title) visit my website at”

What to say: “For more info about (book title) visit And while there don’t forget to downlaod my free short story about Carl the cowboy ninja who falls in love with a pirate princes…”

Do you see what just happened? You were able to mention your book title and your website twice right at the end of the show. This is a double win. The listeners are much more likely to remember your title and website than they were zoning out to “http://www.”

#7 Repeat Your URL

We are not kidding about this tip. If you want people to visit your site they must know about it. Repeat Repeat it as often as you can without becoming obnoxious.

What do you think?

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