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So your publisher says you need to grow your platform. You need to be able to communicate with and listen to more people in order to promote your book.

Here are 7 great ways that Facebook can help you do that.

1) Add Your Blog to Facebook

Connect blog to FacebookConnecting your blog to Facebook is a great way to boost traffic to your blog. I have more than doubled my blog traffic through effective Facebook integration.

2) Create a Page for Your Book

You want to start building your Fanpage as soon as possible. Fan pages allow you to send out location specific messages. Are you giving a talk in Dallas? Send an invitation only to your Dallas fans.

Check out our guide: How to Create a Facebook Page in 3 Easy Steps

3) Get a Facebook Shortname

Facebook usernames make it much easier for people to find you on Facebook. It also makes it easier to link to your Facebook profile or page. For instance our  shortname is simple, easy to remember. No random numbers.

You want to get a short name for both you and your page.

To get a shortname visit

4) Sync Twitter & Facebook’s Status Updates

Integrate Twitter & FacebookConnecting Twitter to Facebook can be a big time saver. It will allow you to either post to Facebook or Twitter and your update will automatically go to the other site. This can double your platform with little extra work for you.

Check out our guide for how to connect Twitter to Facebook.

5) Share on Facebook

You want to get into the habit of sharing cool links and videos on Facebook. This will help you build a reputation for sharing cool stuff so that people pay attention when you share links to your own stuff.

Check out our guide on how to share something on Facebook in one click.

6) Add a Link to Your Facebook Page to Your Website

You want to add links to your Facebook pages/profile to your sites around the web.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Grab a Facebook icon.
  2. Add that icon to your website. (ask your webmaster if you need help)
  3. Turn that icon into a link to your Facebook username

7) Learn to Listen (Most Important!)

Being effective on Facebook, or any online social network, is more about listening than talking. Listening effectively is the key to success. Below are some related posts we have to help you.

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