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Have you ever needed a new domain name ( but not known how to find the right one? Here are some free tools that can help you.

Getting a name does not need to be hard.

#1 Instant Domain Search

By far the fastest tool in the roundup, Instant Domain Search looks for names while you type. If you don’t own go to Instant Domain Search right now and see if it is available. As an author there is no alternative to owning your own name. Go check right now. If its available you can buy it from for $9.69 a year. You will be glad you did. We’ll still be here when you get back 🙂

#2 Domains Bot

Domains Bot is my favorite tool because it not only looks for available domains but also domains for sale by someone else. Sometimes the best names are already registered but for sale at a higher price. Buying a second hand domain can be much more expensive but may be worth it depending on the site you are creating.

Domains bot can also help you find available domains based off of key words and synonyms.

#3 Name Boy

NameBoy lets you put in a couple of words and then it looks for domains around those words or similar words.  The interface is clunky and the prices are high but once you find the name you want to buy you can get it cheaper from

#4 Domain Name Generator

Type in a word or phrase and the Domain Name Generator will help you find an available name. Put in key words and out pop recommendations.

#5 Domain Name Typo Generator

Just like the name suggests the Domain Name Typo Generator helps you think of typos. When I first heard about I typed in because that’s how I thought it was spelled. Fortunately, Amazon owns so no harm was done. Imagine if some other site bought that name. They could use it for some nefarious purposes.


There are a lot of new domain extensions out there. You have probably seen .us and .uk. Sometimes websites will take those strange extensions and use them to spell a word. The most famous is It spells the word “delicious” but all they had to buy was Matt Mulenweg Purchased helps you think of clever spellings like that on unusual extensions.

#7 Picky Domains

If you are simply at a loss Picky Domains will connect you with over a dozen domain experts who will recommend domain names for you. You deposit $50 and give them your specifications. Their contributors start submitting domain name suggestions hoping to earn $25 from the deal. When you see that perfect domain, you register it. If none of their suggestions worked for you – you get your money back.

What do you think?

Are there tools you use not on this list? Share them below.

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