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Don’t waste your time doing things on your author blog that turn your readers away.

This post gives you five things your readers don’t want from your author blog.

1 – Posts Over 1000 Words

People have no patience for long posts. Even 500 words is pushing it. If you have 1000 words to say and can’t cut anymore break your post into several shorter posts. For some comparison this post is less than 300 words.

2 – Long Paragraphs

People have no patience for long paragraphs either. Use no more than four lines. The “enter” key is your friend. Remember: It’s all online so you don’t need to worry about wasting paper

3 – Boring Titles

The temptation when writing a blog post title is to describe your post. Never do this. People won’t read your post if the title is a description. Instead tell your readers why they should read the post. Better a long title that sells than a short title that describes. For tips on writing better titles read 5 Keys for Magnetic Blog Titles.

4 – Generic Posts About Being a Better Christian

If you have a Christian audience the thinking is to write a post on some generic subject like grace or love. The problem is that your audience already listens to hours of generic sermons every week.

You must be very specific if you want people to read your work. You need to know who your target audience is and who your target audience is not. It is better to thrill a small group than to please a large group. If you thrill someone he will spread your message. If you please someone she will just consume your message.

5 – Unedited Short Stories

As much as your readers would love to read your short stories and guides they don’t want to read typo ridden overspeak. If you are going to have a goodies section make sure you only have publisher quality content.

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