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Bored. Listless. Apathetic.

Have you ever sat down in front of your computer screen and stared disinterestedly at your blog? You’ve made your realistic writing goals but maybe you just don’t know how to hit them.

But you’re bored. The blog feels stagnant. You want something fresh. Something different. You need to improve your writing or you need to quit.

You’re in a committed relationship. You have readers waiting for your content. People who depend on you. There’s no way that you can just back out. It’s time to up your game and improve your writing.

You’ve come to the right place.

30 tips to improve your writing

  1. Turn off the internet.
  2. Turn on your favorite writing music.
  3. Hide your smartphone.
  4. Write the first draft in Word.
  5. Outline your ideas.
  6. Free write for ten minutes. Go back and edit.
  7. Write somewhere new. Sometimes changing location is all it takes to get the creative juices flowing.
  8. Cheat a little. Use Scribe.
  9. Pull out a piece of paper and write your first draft by hand.
  10. Write with a specific person in mind.
  11. Write a review.
  12. Capture your post ideas in Evernote. When you need an idea, go back and pick one out.
  13. Write what resonates with you. It will resonate with someone else.
  14. Create a reader poll and ask your readers what they want to hear about.
  15. Add pictures when you can. Keep them legal.
  16. Write with the web in mind. Avoid blocky paragraphs that turn your mind to mush.
  17. Don’t write as someone else. Readers want to hear your voice.
  18. Ask a professional how you can improve your writing. Get a blog booster.
  19. Get a fresh pair of eyes to read your work before you hit the publish button.
  20. Write a response post to a controversial post by a famous blogger.
  21. Write about current events.
  22. Don’t pretend. Keep yourself authentic.
  23. Use Google Analytics and find out what your readers want to read about.
  24. Use lists.
  25. Write out ten magnetic headlines. Pick one. Write a blog post.
  26. Interview someone.
  27. Create a video.
  28. Use Keywords.
  29. Set realistic writing goals and use an editorial calendar to help you hit them.
  30. Link to the blog posts you are reading and add commentary.
The best way to improve your writing is to be intentional. Treat your writing like a job.
What helps you write better blog posts?


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