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Anyone can tweet.

Twitter is not rocket science. It doesn’t take much to compose something relatively witty and send it out like a public text message complete with the appropriate author-related hashtag.

But just like everything else these days, it’s important to measure effectiveness.

Time is the currency of the day and everything must be weighed so none is wasted. –  Click to tweet

Wouldn’t be wonderful if there was a magical way to tell when the best time to tweet was so you weren’t spending your day on the site?

It’s your lucky day.

1. Timely.Is

Schedule Tweets

Timely is one of my favorite apps for timing tweets. With it, you can find the most optimal times of the day to send out your updates. They do this by analyzing your past 199 tweets. The program will continue to analyze your tweets so you are never behind the times.

I have used this app many times. If you are serious about scheduling, I would recommend this as one of your first stops. One of the best features is the price tag. It’s free.

2. Tweriod

Schedule Tweets

I was recently introduced to Tweriod. This tool will help you discover when the majority of your followers are online. Their theory is that the best time to tweet is real time. Your friends don’t go through their news feed life like they do in other social sites. Twitter is all about now.

This report works well if all you want to know is the best time to tweet.  They have free reports as well as paid, premium reports.

3. Crowdbooster

Schedule Tweets

I’m a little embarassed to say how much I love Crowdbooster. There was a time last summer where I was obsessed with this site. Crowdbooster is a powerful tool that let’s you analyze, well, almost everything.

When I log into my Crowdbooster account, I can find out how many impressions my tweets are getting. I can also see my follower growth and discover who my top retweeters are. And if I want to be incredibly analytical, I can see who my influential followers are. For those of you obsessed with Klout, it’s a great tool. It’s also free.

Keep Perspective

When you dive into the world of analytics, you need to keep perspective.

It can be easy to start fretting about numbers and losing sleep over your Klout score. While there are some numbers you need to worry about, they shouldn’t take center stage in your life.

Scheduling tweets will help curb the obsession. Find the prime tweeting time, write your tweets, schedule them, and then go on with your life. It can be that simple.

If you need help figuring Twitter out, we have a team of social media coaches who can help you.  Just let us know.


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