Alright, let’s dive into Sales Funnels. This is one of the most important aspects of Marketing. Anytime we work with someone who is not getting the sales they want, this is where we start. The problem is usually somewhere in the funnel or a poor product-market fit.

For this episode, we’re going to assume you have good product market fit. In other words, you’ve written a stellar book of staggering genius, and there’s an audience out there who would love to read it.

Which means, if you’re not selling as many books as you’d like to, there’s a problem with your funnel. Now some of you might be saying, “What the heck is a sales funnel?” Glad you asked, let’s start there.

What is a Marketing Funnel?

  • Marketing Funnels are sometimes called sales funnels.
  • Readers want to read from authors they:
    • Know
    • Like
    • Trust
  • Picture an upside-down pyramid. At the top we have strangers and at the bottom we have readers.
    • Attract
    • Engage
    • Convert
  • Or put another way:
    • Awareness
    • Interest
    • Action
  • The marketing funnel is all about building that relationship with the reader so they trust you with their money.
  • Like dating. You went on a lot more first dates than second dates. Not everyone is going to trust you with their money.

Attract/Awareness (Know)

  • Attract attention so readers know who you are.
  • This is the most expensive piece in both time and money
  • Advertising
  • PR (Radio Interviews, TV Interviews, Podcasts Interviews)
  • Referrals (Other authors talking about you to their tribe)
  • Guest Blog Posts (On other authors blogs)
  • Downloading a free book on Amazon or Bookbub
  • And remember, frequency sells

Engage/Interest (Like)

  • Blog
  • Podcast
  • Content marketing (Episode # 113/talk with Joanna Penn on content marketing)
  • Earn email address
  • Drip email campaign (We will do this soon, in the meantime, subscribe to our newsletter to see our drip campaign.)
  • Social Media
  • Reading the free book they downloaded

Convert/Action (Trust)

  • The ask.
  • The email that asks people to buy the book.
  • Sales, discounts
  • The last page of the book that tells the reader about the next book in the series.


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  • Step by step guidance for the next 5 years of your writing career.

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