In this episode, we a talk with best-selling author Lacy William about how she uses Amazon Advertising to sell more books. This is not going to be just theory, this is going to be specific Amazon Ads tactics that work! And will work for you. And the best place in the world to sell books is of course … Amazon … three out of four ebooks are sold on Amazon … yes, 75%.

So getting to hear from an expert on using Amazon is an essential part of your marketing program.

In our opinion that person is Lacy Williams.

USA Today bestselling author Lacy Williams works in a hostile environment of four young children underfoot. In spite of this, she has managed to be a hybrid author since 2011, publishing forty books & novellas. You can find information about her fiction at and her non-fiction books on indie publishing at


  • What are Amazon ads? (AMS)
  • Why buy Amazon ads?
  • How do Amazon ads work? KindlePreneur
  • When should authors start buying ads?
  • What kind of money do people need to budget?
  • Use the google keyword tool. Identify long tail keywords.
  • Where should people go to learn more about Amazon advertising?
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