Podcasts are a great way to promote your book. But what are they and how to they work?

This post has simple videos that explain podcasting for authors.

If You Write Non-fiction

Think of a podcast as a short radio program on your topic. You can use it to build an audience and gain credibility. The best selling book Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing started off as a podcast. It took Mignon Fogarty from an unknown editor to Oprah guest and bestselling author.

If You Write Fiction

Think of a podcast as a radio drama that delivers your audiobook to millions of people. Scott Sigler podcasted his first several fiction books. His podcast landed him a 5 book deal with Crown Publishing and a fan base of over a million listeners.

How Podcasts Work

This video How Podcasts Work by podgrunt is one of the best video explanations of podcasting online.

We will have more info on how to start your own podcast in later posts.

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