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The most stressful thing for my clients is keeping track of passwords.

Here is how to avoid that stress.

System #1: The Same Password for Every Site (Bad)

The wrong way is to try to have the same password for everything. There are several  problems with this approach. First is that you can’t have the same username with everything. So while you may remember your password, you still can’t log in.

Secondly, having the same password for everything is foolish for security reasons.

You can improve this system by having three passwords.

  1. A standard password for sites that make you get a password but don’t have important information, like the New York Times.
    • Recommendation: 8 characters that are not found in a dictionary.
  2. A secure password for sites that have important info like Gmail and Facebook.
    • Recommendation: 10 characters with numbers and capital letters
  3. A super secure password for banking and online payment sites.
    • Recommendation: 14 characters with numbers, capital letters and symbols.

Even with this system you will need a solution for remembering your username. My recommendation is to use your email address for every username even if they don’t ask for an email.

System #2: Secure Paper Pad (Better)

Some people keep a little black book by their desk. This is better than having the same password for everything. The downside is that it gives full access to your life to whoever has access to your desk. If someone finds that book, you’re in trouble.

This system works best when you can lock the notepad in your desk. Sticky notes don’t count.

System #3: 1Password (Best)

This is what I use. 1password (Affiliate Link) keeps track of all your passwords in one place automatically. It then encrypts those passwords in a digital lockbox that is much more secure than a piece of paper.

How to get 1Password

  • Step 1: Go to (Affiliate Link) and click “try free.”
  • Step 2: download 1Password.
  • Step 3: Install the 1Password. The installer will walk you through the steps.
  • Step 4: Follow instructions to install browser plugins.

That’s it! Once you start using 1Password you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

What system do you use?

Do you use a different system for keeping track of your passwords?

If so share your system below in the comments.

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