What’s the deal with search engine optimization?  Do authors really need to worry about it?

(Wondering what it is? We explain it here.)

If you want to sell books, the answer is yes.

It isn’t enough to know how to write books. Every author needs to know how to write for readers and search engines.  If you don’t have a handle on SEO (or have someone on staff who does), you won’t be able to sell your books.

That’s right. Excellent SEO will sell books.

Professional marketers have known this secret for years and it’s time that authors understand that they naturally have the competitive edge.

Knowing how to write masterfully for the web will save you hundreds of hours in the future and thousands of marketing dollars.

On Monday, April 30th at 7 PM CST, Thomas Umstattd, the founder of Author Media, will be hosting a FREE webinar for authors to explain how they can combine their natural writing skills with SEO to sell their books online. Thomas has worked with authors for many years, teaching them how to create a strong platform online, leverage social media, and sell their books through inbound marketing. Space is limited to 100 participants, so register early.

We understand that learning SEO can be overwhelming, especially when you have a tight deadline looming for your latest book project. That’s why we’ll help you take the guesswork out of SEO and teach you how to make your online writing sell your books.

In this FREE webinar, you will learn:

  • The basics of SEO
  • How to use keywords to attract readers (and which keywords you must optimize for)
  • When the best time to optimize your site is
  • Where your keywords matter (it’s not where you think!)
  • What publishers and agents know about SEO that you don’t

The webinar will last approximately an hour with time for questions after. Save your space now by registering today.

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