Best Seller Society

Members of the Best Seller Society are authors just like you. They may be just starting out in the writing world or they may be multi-published authors with books at every major bookstore in America. They know a secret.

Without an online platform, they have no chance to write a best seller.

Most author communities give you a treasure map, hoping you’ll find your online platform. We think that wastes a lot of time that could be spent doing things like writing. That’s why at Author media, we provide our authors with blueprints for their online platforms. We’d love to explain how we do this for you.

But there’s only so much we can do. It’s your platform. We can build it but you must learn to command the stage. That’s where the Best Seller Society comes in. Think of it as adding elements to your online platform. Some will naturally lean towards pulpits. Others will want to turn the platform into a stage.

The Best Seller Society is a private community of authors who want to become expert marketers. Each member is given access to a library of resources including:

  • how-to videos,
  • time-saving tips,
  • book promotion strategies,
  • full access to podcast archives,
  • expert advice for your platform questions,
  • ebooks that explain what you need to know about your website,
  • troubleshooting help on the forum, and
  • a community that will walk with you on your platform building journey.

The Best Seller Society is committed to helping transform would-be writers into best selling authors. Start your transformation today.

Membership is $37 per month.

Coming Soon!