About SEO

What do we mean by “Search Engine Optimization”?

The short answer is that we internally optimize the pages themselves for Google and other search engines. We don’t do external optimization (i.e., go out to other sites to try to get you links). This can cost thousands of dollars and is something we would not recommend doing until you already have good internal optimization.
The longer answer is that we do the following things:
  • Setup a dynamically updating XML sitemap that serves your content to Google on a silver platter. This runs in the background, so you don’t have to worry about it or even know how it works.
  • We force Canonical URLs site-wide.
  • We implement “pretty permalinks,” so that your URLs have keywords in them.
  • We optimize the title tags.
  • We optimize your meta description and we can also show you how to manage it for your blog posts in the future (this can be a big traffic draw).
  • We coach you on how to write SEO-friendly content.
  • We submit your site to Google Webmaster Tools to verify that the Google bot is reading your site correctly. This also allows you to see how you rank for various key phrases
  • We install and activate Google Analytics so you can see what phrases bring you the most traffic. Analytics and Webmaster Tools together really give you a great picture of how your website performs.
  • We optimize the images and show you how to do the same when you add images to your blog posts.
In addition to this, there is the core optimization of WordPress. WordPress does a lot of technical things behind the scenes that makes Google swoon.
Some phrases get a lot more searches than others, and it is important to target the right key phrases. For help with Search Engine Optimization, check out our Coaching Packages. Don’t worry if this all seems very technical. We take care of the technical part. All you need to do is write content people want to read. 🙂