Website Visitor #6 – FANtasia

2m 42s

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Video Transcript

The 6th kind of visitor to author websites is someone I like to call FAN Tasia.

  • She’s here for you.
  • She’s here for your celebrity.
  • Not all authors have FAN Tasia.

As you have more success, more and more fans will come to your website looking for a fan experience. She probably came to your website from social media.

She probably follows you on social media or she’s coming to your website to find links to your Facebook and Twitter and Goodreads, and whatever other social media accounts you are on.

An easy way to thrill her is to post interesting things for her to read on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

The key here is that it’s interesting to her. The most interesting thing to her, of course, is you responding to her directly.

It’s not scalable to do that for all of your fans, of course, but the principle here is to do for the one what you wish you could do for the many.

But how do you thrill her on your website?

Well, if you write nonfiction, that’s relatively straightforward.

You take her questions, and you answer those questions on your blog.

You’re an expert and she wants your expertise.

  • You’ll rank on Google.
  • You’ll make FAN Tasia’s day.
  • Everybody wins.

If you’re writing fiction, it’s a little bit more complicated.

I like to think of fiction websites, and particularly fiction blogs, like the special features of a DVD.

She’s there for somebody after she’s read the book, to get a little bit of “extra something.”

It’s that fan experience FANtasia is looking for.

One easy thing to offer is character art: art created by your readers. Ask them to send it in.

Post it on your blog!

You can make their day and grow their interest in your book.

Post some deleted scenes!

Readers love to read deleted scenes and maybe you can find a new life for a dead scene on your blog.

Short stories are always popular. You can also share some commentary.

We have five more ideas on this blog post.

If your book takes place in the real world, and you visited the places that your book takes place, take some photos and do some “travel blogging.”

Fantasia would love to see the actual real-world places that inspired your story.

Give FAN Tasia that fan experience and she won’t shut up about your book.

This is a great opportunity to grow your platform and your influence and your readers.