7 Things You Need to Know Before Launching a Book


A good book launch triggers a word-of-mouth avalanche.  A bad book launch gets lost in the noise.

Here are seven things you need to know before launching your next book.

#1: You can’t just wing it.

Each day, roughly 1,000 new books are published. Imagine going to a convention center with 1000 other people, all of whom are competing for attention on the stage. Oh– and the 1000 books that came out the day before are clamoring for attention too, in addition to the millions of books before them.

To break through all that noise, you will want to be uniquely you, differentiated from the crowd. Doing that requires developing a brand, a way to stand out in the right way. Branding is something we have an entire session about in the Book Launch Blueprint.

#2: It takes a team to launch a book.

Just like you needed a team of editors and designers to publish the book, you will need a team of super-fans to launch it.

Quick tips:

  • A small dedicated team of people willing to buy your book is better than a horde of cheapskates who just want a free copy of your book.
  • Have readers apply to join your book launch team. Effective book launch teams don’t accept all applications.
  • The more fun your team has, the more work they will do.

How to create and manage a launch team is one of the things you will learn in the Book Launch Blueprint.

#3: Hard work is not enough.

Sure, it takes hard work to launch a book. But working hard on the wrong things will still end in failure. The key to success is to work on the things that will work for you. Just because a book launch tactic worked for another author doesn’t mean it will work for you. Each author is unique. A successful book launch means playing to both your strengths and what will resonate with your audience. How to do that is one of the things you will learn in the Book Launch Blueprint.

#4:  Facebook is not a great place to launch a book.

Yes, there are ways to use Facebook to launch your book (launch teams, for one), but typically you can expect 1 sale per 2,500 fans. So if you have 200 fans, Facebook will not get enough people talking about your book to trigger an avalanche of word-of-mouth.

So where should you focus your energy? That depends on you and your book. But one place you will want to focus on for sure is your own website and email list. Goodreads is also a good idea for nearly every author. And yes, you will learn about websites, email, and Goodreads in The Blueprint.

#5: The media likes talking about new books.

Yes, you really can land media interviews about your debut book. You just need to know how to go about finding them. Spoiler: it requires both work and expertise.

Quick PR Tips:

  • Start with smaller blogs and podcasts and work your way up the chain. Don’t forget about hyperlocal news outlets!
  • Start the process of pitching media outlets way ahead of your launch.
  • Sign up for Help a Reporter Out.

You will learn more about how to get media appearances and how to nail your interviews in the Book Launch Blueprint.

#6: Launching a book can be fun!

If someone tells you that book launches are a joyless grind, then that person is probably launching their books poorly. A book launch is a time to play to your strengths and have fun! If you have fun, others will have fun and word will spread. If you are a joyless grinch, your book launch will not only be miserable for you, it won’t work either.

#7: Launching a book requires a plan.

The rabbit hole of book launching is very deep. A good launch is not about doing everything, it’s about doing the right things in the right way. That is why we created the Book Launch Blueprint. We want to sift through the myriad pieces of advice out there and give you the meat. You will learn what works, what doesn’t, and most importantly what will work for you.

Registration for the Book Launch Blueprint ends this Friday! So make sure to check it out before it is too late.

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