Is free a dirty word? Should you give your book away? In this episode, we talk about these questions and more.

Talking points:


  • Free isn’t a dirty word, but it’s not the cure for every marketing problem
  • The Upside of Free or deep discounts
    • Exposure
    • Rooms experiment
    • Perma Free
    • Books in a series

The downside of free:

    • Lamonts
    • Bad training
    • Where does it stop?
    • People value what they pay for (how many of those free books have you read?)
  • Should you (specifically) go free or not
  • Give everything away, give nothing away
    • Fiction vs Non-Fiction
  • Figure out what the goal of your free or deep discount is
    • E-mail list?
    • Send them to your website?
    • Buy next book in a series?
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