In this episode we are going to talk about how to get a publishing board to buy your book. Or better said, how do you get a pub board to choose your book over the other ten proposals they’ll be pursuing at the same time they’re looking at yours?

Show Notes


Talking Points:


What is Pub Board?

  • The committee of decision makers at a publisher that decide on which books to publish.


Who is there?


What are their roles?

  • Your editor/your champion
  • Other editors
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • The publisher


How does the meeting go?

  • You’re just one of a number of books being considered
  • Your editor might or might not be good at pitching your book
  • Odds are HIGH that no one at the table other than your editor has read the proposal thoroughly.
  • The voting process


The crucial elements of your pitch if people are only going to skim it

  • Your hook
  • Your elevator pitch
    • Make it crisp and quick
  • What will impress sales?
  • What will impress marketing?
  • What is going to impress accounting?
  • What will impress the publisher?
  • Give the editor a special video.


Why you need to start watching Shark Tank if you want to be trad pubbbed

  • Idea
  • Numbers
  • Platform
  • Passion

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