In honor of registration for the Book Launch Blueprint being open, we are going to talk about book launches!

What’s the most critical element of a successful book launch?

A written plan.

Make the plan. Write it down.

Authors who fail to plan, are planning to fail.

What should the plan include? Every activity that will go into your launch.

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The most powerful way to organize this is to break your plan into three sections:

Section #1 Preparation

Here we’re preparing the launching pad ready and typically happens 2 – 4 months before the rocket takes off.

Sample Tasks:

  • Tweak your website – We have an entire session on this in the Book Launch Blueprint that shows you how to fine tune and prep your website for maximum impact.
  • Optimize Your Amazon Page – This is not just getting your book cover and description up on Amazon. It’s also defining your categories, honing your author bio page and more. You Amazon presence needs to be pristine ahead of your launch. We teach you exactly how to do this in the course.
  • Schedule Media Interviews – This is the time to reach out to journalists and influencers. We show you how, and how to keep all your interviews organized.
  • Schedule Guest Blog Posts – As you reach out to blogs, make sure to pick blogs that will have a high ROI (return on investment; in this case your investment is time).
  • Find a Venue for your Launch Party – Never underestimate the power of real-life events in the real world.
  • Recruit your Launch Team – You’ll want a small group of dedicated allies for this team. Spend the time to get the right folks.  
  • Build your email list – The bigger the email list, the bigger the launch. We have an eye-opening, yet practical session on email list building in the Blueprint.
  • Optimize your GoodReads page – Super readers use GoodReads to find great book, and they also use it to recommend books to friends. So get involved there. We have a whole session in the Book Launch Blueprint that teaches you how.  

These are just sample tasks. Some might fit you, others might not. In the course we go through a number of other options you can use to design your preparation phase of your launch.

Section #2 Pre-Launch

Here we’re walking up to the rocket, about to fire up the engines. This phase starts about 30 days before launch and lasts right up to blast off.

Sample Tasks:

  • Finish planning your launch party – Launch parties are fun! (Especially when well planned.) In the course, Thomas shares how his launch party became one of the best events of his entire life! (And how to take the ideas he used to do the same for yours.)
  • Pre-Launch interviews- Some media outlets might want to interview you ahead of your book’s release.
  • Launch email sequence- You want to sent a series of emails to your list introducing them to your book. But you don’t want to send messages saying, “Buy my book! Buy my book!” We’ll teach you what you do want to say so that your readers will be saying, “I gotta buy their book! I gotta buy their book!”
  • Activate your launch team- What activities do you want your launch team to do and when do you want them to do them? This is the time to finalize your action plan for them.
  • Host your launch party- You might want to host an online launch party as well!

Section # 3 Post-Launch

The rocket it in the air … it’s gaining altitude. Yes! Now we have to make sure it has enough fuel to break through the atmosphere! This phase usually lasts for a month or two after your launch, maybe longer depending on how often you’re publishing.

Sample tasks:

  • Media interviews- This is where you’ll do the bulk of your media interviews.
  • Post-launch email sequence- These are the emails that come out after your book releases. We teach you how to make them invitational and cause readers to take action
  • Launch team tasks- What do you want your launch team doing after launch? Write those tasks in this section and set a timeline for when you want those tasks to happen
  • Speaking events- If public speaking is your thing, this is one of the best ways to sell books. You’ve set these up ahead of time, now is the time to start speaking! Be sure to give those in the audience a way to sign up for your newsletter list
  • Book signings, public appearances, and public readings- Make sure you keep a schedule of all these events so you don’t double book yourself.
  • Amazon Book Advertising- If you’re self-published, this is when you’re hitting the go button on your Amazon ads. (We teach you exactly how to do this in the course.)

If These Ideas Make Sense to You … you need our course …

You’re not going at it alone. You’ll tackle it alongside other students who are going through the same material and interact with them every step of the way. That means community, encouragement, ideas, and accountability, so you’ll finish! And give your book the best shot possible for success.

  • This course is not cheap, it is only for serious authors
  • You are in the class only with other dedicated authors.
  • We do this course only once a year.

But Don’t Take It Just From Us

Hear what our students have to say.

When? February 11th – March 1st.

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