In this episode we are going to talk about the critical mindset you need to have going into the New Year in order to make 2019 your best ever. And to help us out … we have back, for the second time … Susan May Warren!

Susan May Warren is the USA Today bestselling, Christy and RITA award–winning author of more than sixty novels. She has four grown children and is married to her real-life hero, going on 30 years now! She loves traveling and telling stories about life, adventure and faith. She’s a skydiver, scuba diver, accomplished dancer … and is a nationally acclaimed writing teacher who runs a writing academy called Novel.Academy. For exciting updates on her new releases, previous books, and more, visit her website at


  • Looking back on the last year, a lot of authors wished they accomplished more in terms of their careers. What are some of the biggest things holding authors back?
  • What is the one critical mindset that you would encourage writers to have going into the New Year?
  • A vast number of writers are female which means families and taking care of kids and grandkids and taking on the business of running a home for a lot of them … so they need to be skilled at time management and organization. You’re an author that has done exactly that. Four children, husband, and writing a million books every year, plus running your teaching companies … how do you do it?
  • It’s that time of the year when many people set goals … how do you go about setting goals? I know you have a little bit different approach … tell us about that …
  • Over the years you’ve developed a number of innovative systems for keeping track of projects, goals, staying motivated … and you’ve put all those ideas into a planner that you’re now selling. Tell about why you added developing a planner to your already crazy life and even if someone doesn’t buy your planner (which they should!) how they can use the principles you have in in for their writing career.
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