In this episode, we talk about how to craft a reader magnet to get more email subscribers. A reader magnet is a prize your readers get in exchange for giving you their email. They can dramatically improve how fast your email list grows.

Back in episode 129, we talked about how Short Stories make the idea reader magnet for novelists. But we never talked about how to turn the short story into the lead magnet.


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  • What is a lead magnet?
  • Why have one on your website?

Example for this Episode: 34 Pages, a Beautiful Notes by Kayla Norris from Thomas’ Hawaii Talk. This is the lead magnet you will get as a thank you for becoming a Novel Marketing subscriber.

Step 1 Figure Out What Your People Want

  • Ask them
  • Check your Analytics
  • Listen to what they are asking you.

Step 2 Write a Compelling Pitch for the Lead Magnet

  • Title
  • Blurb
  • Full Page Pitch

Step 3 Create a Compelling Graphic

This needs to visually communicate the value of the lead magnet.

Step 4 Pick the Delivery System

  • Link to a Page On Your Website
  • Link to a PDF/MP3 On Your Website
  • Drip Sequence
  • InstaFreebie ($20/mo)
    • Kindle file and/or other ebooks
  • Book Funnel ($20/yr)
    • Kindle file and/or other ebooks
  • Story Origin (free)
    • Kindle file and/or other ebooks

Step 5 Create the Lead Magnet

  • Most lead magnets start off as Word Docs. But you never want to give away a word doc.
  • You can make a PDF in Word.
  • Tools for Making Ebook Files
    • Vellum an amazing tool for Making platform specific ebook files.
      • Mac only, pricy
    • Calibre Free and hard to use
    • Fiverr (Affiliate Link) – Have someone else do the work for you for $5.
    • Draft2Digital – Free eBook Creation Service

Step 6 Add a The Sign Up to Your Website

There are several ways to do this:

  • Pop Up
    • Annoying, but much more effective
    • WAIT … give them 20 or 30 seconds
    • Don’t let it pop up again and again and again for the same person
  • Landing Page
  • Blog Post
  • Bloom (Affiliate Link) is currently my favorite tool for adding sign up forms to a website. It comes bundled with an Elegant Themes Subscription (Affiliate Link).

Step 7 Promote the Lead Magnet

Step 8 Measure

  • Watch your analytics
  • Watch your MailChimp numbers
  • Bloom

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