The idea for this episode come from Mary Hamilton who told us about her marketing pet peeve. To quote Mary,  My biggest peeve is my website. I’m not techy enough to understand how to fix any issues with it, and I hate spending the time it takes to learn it. Except for my blog, I’d rather just set it and leave it. Love your podcasts! They’ve helped me a bunch!”

Lifetime Divi Membership (Affiliate Link) $249

Why Divi?

  • Drag and drop build your website. Ease of use of Wix or Squarespace with the power of WordPress.
  • They have premade layouts for authors ready to go.
  • Comes with lifetime access to Monarch and Bloom
  • Comes with good support.

How to use Divi

  • After you purchase divi, you log into your wordpress website, go to appearance -> themes -> add theme and then upload the zip.
  • Once Divi is installed and activated, you start building your pages.
  • Load one of the author layout packs from the library and start customizing.


3 Years of Basic Bluhost Hosting (Affiliate Link) $106.20

Why Bluehost?

  • Best cheap hosting out there.
  • Cheap, not for bloggers
  • WordPress Friendly
  • Upgradable

How to Use Bluehost

  • Sign up, feel free to use our affiliate link
  • Go through the steps to get a wordpress website
    • (Jim) I have to stop you there Thomas … for you, “Go through the steps to get a WordPress website might be obvious, but what about people who are saying, “Huh”?
  • Get a domain or point your domain at Bluehost


MyBookTable Pro (Novel Marketing Patrons Save 25%) $49

Why MyBookTable?

  • Makes it easy to build book pages with lots of buy buttons to lots of stores.
  • Most useful if you have more than one book. If you are using divi, you may not need MyBookTable for a single book.
  • Makes it easy to clump your books together by series and genre.
  • Builds you a search engine optimized book page
  • Buy MyBookTable Pro


MyBookProgress Pro (Novel Marketing Patrons Save 25%) $19

  • Gives you a progress bar that will help you stay on track with your writing,
  • Keep your readers up to date it is what they are coming to your website to find
  • Grow your email list
  • Get nudges from your readers.
  • Buy MyBookProgress Pro


Featured Patron

Lucia’s Renaissance (Affiliate Link) by Cl Peterso

Heresy is fatal in late Renaissance Italy, so only a suicidal zealot would so much as whisper the name of Martin Luther. But after Luther’s ideas ignite a young girl’s faith, she must choose to abandon her beliefs or risk her life in the turbulent world of late sixteenth-century Italy.

The Big Caveat to All of the Above

  • Your content must be excellent
    • An ugly site with great content is far more powerful than a beautiful site with poor content
    • Restaurants- if they look great on the outside, and the inside, but the food is lousy, they won’t be in business long
    • The chef is the most important part of the restaurant
  • Branding, Identity, Call to Action, Copywriting
  • You’re going to have to learn a bit of tech
    • The curse of knowledge
  • Your options
    • Learn branding, copywriting, tech and do it all yourself
    • Hire someone who understands these things



Rubart Writing Academy Oct 25 – 28 2018


Power Close:

This has been James L Rubart and Thomas Umstattd Jr. on the Novel Marketing podcast, giving you novel ideas on how to promote yourself and your writing, offline, online, and everywhere in-between. Thanks for listening.


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