In this episode, we’re going to talk about how to re-launch your old novels. Yes! There is still life, and money, potentially a LOT of money in that story you wrote long ago. Joining us is bestselling author Chris Fox, author of Relaunch Your Novel: Breathe Life Into Your Backlist.

Episode Outline:

  • Why should someone consider re-launching their book?
    1. It can be brand new in Amazon’s eyes.
  • You talk in your book, Relaunch Your Novel: Breathe Life Into Your Backlist (Affiliate Link) about the different levels of re-launch, can you give us an overview of that?
    1. Should I relaunch?
    2. How much time and resources do I have?
  • Back cover copy
    1. You have four words to hook them …
    2. Test through advertising

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More Questions

  • Tell us about some successful book launches you’ve seen.
    1. Bill the Vampire  (affiliate link) –  successful series, but poor covers. Made 130k, so the author was scared of touching it. Rebranded it … 3x the income. Light edit, then branded covers and FB ads.
  • Jim: What kind of book is a good candidate for a book relaunch? And which kind of books aren’t?
    1. Look for themes, genres, did they sell well?
    2. If not series … samples in the first book of the second book, third …
  • What mistakes do authors make relaunching their books?
    1. They don’t prepare … they do the work, but don’t research it ahead of time. Don’t change the cover. Don’t rewrite the bcc. ASK people for input.
  • How do you test your cover on Facebook?
    1. Before getting that new cover, see what’s currently selling … what are the covers like in your genre?
    2. Shoot an email to your readers and ask them what a potential cover could be. Take those ideas, and send that out, or test it with your FB folks.
    3. THEN go to a website like and find an artist who can make you a cover.
    4. Then create FB ads, strong text and plug in different audiences and see who clicks on those ads. You’ll see higher or lower cost per clicks … which will tell you what cover is pulling.
  • Where can our listeners find out more about you?



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