In this episode, we are going to talk about how to make your next year your best year. And joining us today is a special guest and good friend of ours, Tracy Higley. Tracy is a bestselling novelist, CEO of an extremely successful retail business, a part-time college professor, president of Impactivity, and mom of four.


Yes, you’ve probably already guessed that Tracy has figured out how to clone herself. Seriously, Tracy obviously knows what it’s like to be super-busy and handle it well. But, she definitely went through the process of crashing and burning More than once. But that means she’s figured out how to be highly entrepreneurial, and at the same time, find balance in her life. And now she loves teaching and showing others how to get centered and pursue a healthy life that has lasting impact.



  • Why is planning important? Can’t authors just wing it?
  • How important do you feel goal-setting is when it comes to writing and marketing a novel?
  • What do you think is the most effective way to plan next year’s marketing efforts?
  • What does a budget look like? Money, energy, time.
  • What advice do you give to people who have a plan, but have trouble motivating themselves to implement the plan?
  • Plan to measure next year.
    1. Book Keeping
    2. Rescue Time
  • What’s your advice for people who hate marketing?
  • Where does work/life balance fit into all this marketing work, for someone who is trying to add marketing to an already crazy-busy life?
  • Tracy where can we find more about you?



Impactivity helps you discover and embrace the unique adventure of your life, so you can shift the way you naturally do your best work into a lifestyle that has lasting impact.  With books, workbooks, articles and a podcast, Impactivity is helping people find their dream, get free to follow it, and do it all in a healthy way. You can start checking out the many resources at



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