Why Podcast?

  • Strongest Emotional Connection
  • Long term connection (minutes & years)
  • Growing segment
  • It doesn’t float down the Social Media stream
  • Gives readers a chance to truly get to know you

What is a podcast.

  • Audio that you can subscribe to.

Pick a Format

  • Length
  • Topic Mix
  • Number of Voices
  • Intros/music beds
    • Length of intros
  • Break the rules/never break the rules

Popular Show Formats:

  • NPR Format. Highly Produced
  • Interview Format
  • Focused Discussion (what we do)
  • Solo Script
  • Solo Outline
  • Single Chapter



Once you have the mp3 there are two ways to turn it into a podcast. The easy way and the not easy way.

  • With the easy way, you are more locked in with your solution.
  • With the hard way you have more options.



  • WordPress Feed
  • FeedBurner


  • iTunes
  • Google Play

Common Mistakes:

  • Going too long
  • Interviewing boring people
  • Poor audio quality


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