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Update on the MyBookTable WordPress Bookstore Kickstarter

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We just updated our MyBookTable Kickstarter page with exciting news.

Thanks to so many members of the author and tech communities, we are proud to announce that…

MyBookTable is fully funded!

Many of you have stepped up to the plate and helped us fund MyBookTable.

Over the last week, I’ve gotten emails from authors all over the country, excited to install this plugin on their website. Instead of MyBookTable being an Author Media thing, it’s become an every author thing.

It’s exciting to be part of.

The MyBookTable kickstarter is still going strong. The money is now going toward stretch goals that will help even more authors. Some of the goals include webinars, support for more bookstores, and pre-order features.

Will you help us spread the world about what’s going on in the author community? Will you be part of the movement?

Stretch Goals:

  • $5,000 – All backers get access to an exclusive Book Marketing Tips & Tricks webinar with Author Media CEO, Thomas Umstattd Jr.
  • $7,500 -  Support for LifeWay & Books-A-Million will be added to the Profesional & Developer Levels.
  • $10,000 – BookBaby & SmashWords will be added to the Profesional & Developer Levels.
  • $15,000 – MyBookTable Sidebar Widget added to all levels of the  plugin.
  • $25,000 - We will add a pre-order feature that integrates with MailChimp so people can find out when an upcoming book is available. This feature will be available for all levels of the plugin.
  • $50,000 –  We will add a book review and rating feature.


  • I can’t wait for this tiny plugin to change the way my books are sold! – Click to tweet.
  • Let’s hit the stretch goals so I can start selling more books! – Click to tweet.
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6 Responses to Update on the MyBookTable WordPress Bookstore Kickstarter

  1. E #

    Hi Caitlin,
    I’d like to support this. When it says $75 backer will receive a link to their book and author website on the founders page… how long does that last? If you don’t have a book (yet!) and are planning to purchase a website from you guys in the future, will that pledge still work for in that scenario? Or is that mostly for people who are already published? Thanks so much for the info!!

    • Caitlin Muir #

      Hi Ellen,

      Once you back us, you get the link. As long as both Author Media and you have the receipt, I don’t see why you can’t get that link in the future once your book and website are completed.

      Thanks for asking!

  2. E #

    Oh super! Thanks so much!

  3. E #

    Hi again Caitlin!
    What about at $250? Would landing in the sample store be applicable to future authors at a later date as well?
    :) Thanks!

    • Caitlin Muir #

      Yes, by purchasing the Kickstarter now, you are locking it in for later. :)

  4. E #

    Awesome- Thank you so much for your help!

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