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15 Common Twitter Questions Authors Ask

Twitter Bird Logo Twitter Questions

Ever wondered how to block someone? How to identify a spambot? Caitlin answers these and 13 other questions about Twitter.

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How To Create A Writing Schedule That Works For You

Do you want to write? You need a writing schedule. We’ll help you create one in this post.

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Get in Shape at Blogging Bootcamp

female blogger working out

Join a small team of authors who are about to be transformed into savvy bloggers. If you have a blog and want to make it successful, join!

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What to Do When Your Book Isn’t Selling

Stumped by slumping book sales? Rob Eagar shares what to do when your book isn’t selling.

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How to Increase Your Productivity by Working Less

working less to be more productive

We work hard to be productive at work. But what if productivity was found not in mixing business and pleasure but keeping them far apart?

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The 4 Faces of Timeline for Authors Explained

Facebook has done it again. There are four ways to look at a public Timeline. Are you always getting the whole story?

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The ABCs of Twitter Hotkeys

Do you use Twitter? You need to know the hotkeys that will make the site even easier for you to use.

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How To Find Zen Mode in WordPress

They say that zen is a state of mind. Thanks to Wordpress, zen is also a form your screen takes. We’re here to show you how it works.

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The WordPress Hotkey Cheat Sheet Every Author Needs

Tired of trying to figure out how to edit things on Wordpress? Get ready to print off this cheat sheet of hotkeys.

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Don’t Ignore Your Three Facebook Inboxes

If you are an author on Facebook, you have three email inboxes. What important messages are you not receiving?

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