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A Special Discount to Celebrate 10,000 MyBookTable Downloads

A few years ago, we realized that trying to sell your book through your website can be a pain.  That’s why we created MyBookTable.  It’s a WordPress plugin designed to help authors sell […]

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MySpeakingEvents Now on Kickstarter

At Author Media we work with a lot of professional speakers. Their websites all need an event calendar to help build enthusiasm for upcoming events. The problem is, all the […]

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A Viral Recipe for Your Blog – The 4th Ingredient Will Blow Your Mind

“You don’t need to write a book to change the world with your ideas. A good blog post can reach more people in one month than the typical book reaches in a lifetime.” This my common refrain when I speak at writers conferences.

I had the chance to prove my theory this month. A post on my personal blog about courtship went viral to and sparked a nationwide discussion.

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The Ultimate Crowdfunding Course for Authors Is Here

Ultimate Crowdfunding Course for Authors

We’ve spent quite a bit of time at Author Media talking about crowdfunding– what it is, how awesome it is, and how to make it happen. A few months ago, we […]

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89+ Book Marketing Ideas That Will Change Your Life

Fresh out of ideas on how to help your writing take off? You’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of 89 book marketing ideas that will change your life, build your brand, and sell your book.

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7 Kickstarter Mistakes We Made on MyBookTable

Kickstarter Logo

Kickstarter is changing the way that self-published authors are raising money for their books. Here are some hard lessons we learned on our first project.

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How to Self-Publish for Free

Did you know there was a way to self publish with any company in the world without having to go out of pocket for the cost? Here is how to do it.

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7 Questions Authors Should Ask Before Crowdfunding Their Next Book

Not Marked by Mary DeMuth

Should you look to your audience to provide the funds for your next book? Christy award finalist Mary DeMuth asks seven questions to help you decide.

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The Best Podcasts For Authors & Writers

Want to level up your publishing career? Here are 9 writing podcasts that can help authors like you.

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New Course: 7 Tax Saving Tips the IRS Doesn’t Want Authors to Know

Some authors tend to ignore the business side of writing only to later get into trouble with the IRS or pay way more than their fair share in taxes. Don’t let this happen to you.

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