Let readers know about your upcoming book while growing your list and hitting your deadline.

What happens when your readers look for the status of your upcoming book?

If your site is like most author websites, your readers leave disappointed and frustrated. You just lost the opportunity to get them excited about your upcoming book and onto your email list where you can let them know about the book they already want to buy.


Beautiful & Customizable Progress Bar Widget

Show off your book’s progress in style. You can add this fully customizable widget to your sidebar or any other “widgetized” area of your WordPress website.

MailChimp Integration

Readers can subscribe to your email list to get book updates in just a few clicks.

Deadline Tracking

MyBookProgress can help you stay on track and hit your deadline. If you fall behind, MyBookProgress will do the math to tell you how many words/pages/chapters you need to write each day to catch up.

Writing Statistics Dashboard

The statistics dashboard can help you find out which day of the week is your most productive, and much more. Geek out as you track your writing progress with cool charts and graphs.

NaNoWriMo Mode

Are you writing a book as part of National Novel Writing Month? MyBookProgress has a special template to help you get your 50,000 words written.

Blog & Social Media Update Generator

Did you just finish your rough draft and want to update your readers about passing a milestone? MyBookProgress has a blog post generator button that will automatically start a blog post for you and insert a snapshot version of your book’s progress bar. You have full control over the content of the blog post. Include a sample of your writing or an update about why you are excited about your work in process.

MyBookTable Integration

MyBookProgress integrates with MyBookTable to help you get pre-orders for your book.

Pro Features

Over a Dozen Style Packs

Make your website look amazing and unique with MyBookProgress Pro’s additional style packs. The Pro version of MyBookProgress comes with over a dozen styles to chose from with more being added all the time.

Premium Support

The Author Media team of experts can help answer your questions on how to setup, configure and use MyBookProgress.

Nudge Me Button

The Nudge Me button allows users to send you a short note of encouragement. These nudges are guaranteed to brighten your day and inspire you to keep writing.

Deadline Reminders

The best way to hit a deadline is to start well. MyBookProgress can email you reminders that tell you how much you need to write each day to hit your deadline. These are great for staying motivated and you can even forward them to pesky agents and editors.

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